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Helping You Juice Your Reluctant Muse, One Day At A Time.

"Start where the story gets interesting."

Reluctant Muse
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Why this journal?:
I love literature, reading, and writing. I'm not the greatest writer, though I do it from time to time; but I love to read the works of others, inspire others, know what inspires them, and learn about their writing process. I know everyone's writing process is different and that their muses inspire differently, and I want to know as much about each one of those as I can.

So I created this journal. It is a place for me to post writing prompts and get in touch with writers. I post REAL writing prompts. I don't open up a dictionary or magazine, randomly point at a few words, and post them in an effort to inspire or to have them used in a story. I'll post situations, snippets of dialogue, and anything else that seems to be a quality prompt. Every once in a while there may be a prompt of one or more words, but believe me, they won't be random or posted on a whim. You can read more about the prompts here.

The prompts I post aren't limited to people writing original fiction or fan fiction. No matter what or how you write, if you get inspiration because of one of my prompts, then yay! There will also be prompts that are really just exercises meant to help keep the creative juices flowing. :)

Just to make this clear, I don't make up these prompts (at least not most of them), I usually gather them from books and websites, pulling out only what I think are the best. :)

There is, of course, no need to use the prompts in order! You can click a random entry on the calendar or use the tags to randomize them... for example, you can find the ones I posted on a Tuesday, or all of them posted on the 10th of any month! Check out the tags for more fun ways to find prompts.

I want to see what you write!:
If you are inspired by any of my prompts I would be overjoyed if you'd share your writing with me. You can find information about how and what to share here. If your result is short enough to fit in a comment, feel free to comment to the prompt with what you wrote!

Did my prompt inspire you?:
Please, if you use a prompt that I posted and post your result on LJ or the internet, please link to me in your post on on the same page, so people will know where to find more cool prompts! :) You can do that by using my LJ username (<lj user="reluctant_muse">) or one of the images found here. Thanks!

Prompt Me!:
If you would like to share prompts with me, please comment to this post with them. I will credit you if I share them. Comments to that post are screened.

Pimp Me!:
If you find my prompts useful (or you just like this journal and want to tell your friends), please link back to me so that others can be inspired too! You can just put my username (<lj user="reluctant_muse">) wherever you wish, or there are/will be some images here that you can use.

Tags & Memories:
I use the tags to organize my prompts by type, day, and such as that. I liked the idea of finding random prompts based on things like the day or month that I posted them. I use the memories to keep track of entries in other LJs that I find interesting and relevant.

My inner grammar nazi's rant journal. Informative, fun, therapeutic! Check it out!
My writing journal. Not much there yet, I'm hoping these prompts will help with that. :)
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